Welcome to my Panty Page

    Are you interested in owning a pair of my panties? If so feel free to order a pair.
  Men love panties for all different reasons, yours can be a secret or you can share it with me.
Do you like to wear them? Smell them? Rub them on yourself? Give them as a gift to someone special? No matter the reason I have the right pair for you.
See pictures for styles and colors and I took close-ups so you can see the sexy details and tags with sizes, I have thongs and boyleg and bikinis in large and extra large to fit most.
  I sell them for $15.00 a pair, and welcome special instructions, so they arrive just the way you like them. Mailed in a plain brown envolope.
So please look below and pick.
  Here's the ones I have available right now, sorry no guarentee on color choice.          
 You can have them NEW or Special order them YOUR way :)
rder yours today, they go fast.  All styles $15.00 each pair "includes postage".
  Call me to place your order. You don't have to buy a phone call to buy panties or you can buy both. Any questions write me at amy@autotrec.com or call 315-724-2585