Foot Fetish Page


    Who doesn't love sexy legs, foot massages, pretty shoes, silky stockings, ticking soles? 

     Well alot of us do, and some of us love more, smelling feet and socks, sucking toes, having feet rubbing your balls, being walked on, having your cock stroked between to soft arches.

     Even being kicked, wearing stockings, rubbing yourself with them, peeing in shoes, the list goes on and if you have a foot fetish you know all the tricks.  I'd be glad to share your fantasy and help you cum thinking of feet and what ever else you love.

     I'd sell you some used socks and stocking if you like, $11.00 includes postage. Looking for a certain womans shoe style or size, I may be able to help,  just ask when you call.  Here's some of my favorites, enjoy and if these get you hard, call 315-724-2585.